Absorbable Gelatin Sponge Hemostats, USP

GELITA-SPON® STANDARD is suitable for general use in all types of surgery. Available in several sizes to accommodate the most efficient usage for individual procedures, it can be easily cut to size. It is used wet for best performance and adapts well to the bleeding site.

Please note that this product is discontinued.


  • Two different densities – different biodegradation time
  • Adaptability – adapts well to the bleeding site
  • Keeps its consistency even when saturated
  • Can be easily cut in to pieces


  • Made from 100% pharmaceutical gelatin
  • Natural & safe
  • pH-neutral character – can be combined with drugs
  • Stops bleeding effectively
  • Easy handling
  • Fast, complete resorption
  • High patient comfort – can be left in situ

Available shapes and sizes GELITA-SPON® STANDARD

Gelita Spon Standard