GELITA MEDICAL is at the forefront of medical devices when it comes to supporting surgery procedures by novel hemostats. As pioneers with over 65 years of experience, we have been key players and have consistently set benchmarks in the field of hemostasis. The resulting product solutions are exactly what surgeons require for optimal wound management in the operating theater.

We see INNOVATION as a necessity to be able to create sustainable future business. It supports us in improving our current market position and in strengthening the corporate image of GELITA MEDICAL.

Our innovative strength comes on one hand from our leading-edge research department, which is in close touch with science and on the other hand from intensive communication and exchange between our own product specialists, our distributors, surgeons and other medical professionals. We even accompany them to observe and assess operative procedures in theater.

Collaboration with industrial partners from own or foreign market segments and with universities creates a know-how transfer. Combined forces in research and development accelerate the speed in development and make innovation affordable. GELITA MEDICAL benefits from these innovation platforms and develops new ideas for its own product assortment.

GELITA MEDICAL’s research so far led to a bunch of patents held worldwide. Not all of them were transformed into products by now and still there are some more patents pending. Other patents have been achieved as community patents and are used by GELITA MEDICAL as well as by their development partners.

Our latest range of hemostats underpins this strategy: fast-acting gelatin hemostats that can be directly applied to the bleeding site for the effective management of bleeding - a process that saves valuable time for the surgeon and the patient in the emergency room or operating theater.