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Using the new hemostatic gelatin GELITA-SPON<sup>®</sup> RAPID<sup>3</sup> to treat <strong>parenchymatous organs</strong> – a clinical observation

Using the new hemostatic gelatin GELITA-SPON® RAPID3 to treat parenchymatous organs – a clinical observation

P. Hromádka, J. Škach

Journal: Rozhledy v chirurgii, 94(5).221-223, 2015

“The surgeons believe that in liver surgeries GELITA-SPON® RAPID3 indicated particularly well for the treatment of planar resection areas. In these cases, it has an excellent hemostatic effect and an amazing capacity to adhere to liver tissue. […] No adverse effects were observed during application of the product or its resorption after the surgery. No postoperative bleeding was noted.”

Early Experience with a Novel Gelatine-based Sponge for Local Haemostasis in <strong>Thyroid</strong> Surgery

Early Experience with a Novel Gelatine-based Sponge for Local Haemostasis in Thyroid Surgery

Markus Sielaff, Mechthild Hermanns, Ralf Uhlig, TayAbou-Ghazalé and Thomas Steinmüller

Journal: in vivo 28: 255-258, 2014

“In summary, it can be stated that more than nine out of ten (92%) users in thyroid surgery rated this product in general as satisfactory or better. This showed a high level of satisfaction with the performance of the GELITA-SPON® RAPID3. […] The application of this sponge seems to be an improvement of haemostasis and safety in thyroid surgery.”

A New Gelatine-based Hemostat for <strong>Sinonasal Surgery:</strong> A Clinical Survey

A New Gelatine-based Hemostat for Sinonasal Surgery: A Clinical Survey

Tanja Hildenbrand

Journal: in vivo 27: 523-526, 2013

“Surgery was performed for sinus diseases, septal deformities, turbinate hypertrophy and nasal deformities. […] Overall, the evaluated data demonstrate that the new gelatin sponge is safe and efficient as a hemostat in nasal surgery. The general handling of the product is user-friendly and, moreover, no adverse reactions in the course of the application were reported. The novelty of this medical device lies in the immediate hemostasis achieved and in the increased comfort for the patient due to its biodegradation.“

Effect of absorbable gelatin sponge in the <strong>middle ear:</strong> in vitro and in vivo animal model

Effect of absorbable gelatin sponge in the middle ear: in vitro and in vivo animal model

Stefania Goncalves, Juan Armando Chiossone-Kerdel, Andrea S. Bianco, Jose M. Ercolino & Jorge Hernandez-Rojas

Journal: Acta Oto-Laryngologica; Volume 135, Issue 1; 2015

“GELITA-SPON gelatin sponge (GS) showed faster reabsorption than Gelfoam (GF) in vitro, and GS-packed middle ears resulted in a faster hearing recovery and less inflammation than the ears packed with GF soaked in saline. […] In vitro, there was marked degradation of GF by day 14, while GS showed complete degradation by the third day.”

Geli Putty<sup>®</sup>: a new alternative on sternal hemostasis in <strong>cardiac surgery</strong>

Geli Putty®: a new alternative on sternal hemostasis in cardiac surgery

Marco Antonio Volpe, José Dionísio Guevara Martinez

Journal: Rev Bras Cir Cardiovasc, 26(3):485-7, 2011

GELITA-SPON® POWDER (former name of the product: Geli Putty®)

“The gelatin applied to the sternal bone behaves as a buffer, increasing its weight by 50 times and creating a waterproof film in the bone marrow. This may also favorably affect the sternum consolidation, especially when the edges of the sternum, for whatever reason, are particularly vulnerable. The material has the advantage of low cost, full reversibility, ease of application and absence of potential complications associated with the use of bone wax. Thus, we conclude that Geli Putty® (GELITA-SPON® Powder) is a new effective and safe alternative in sternal hemostasis in cardiac surgery.”

A novel gelatin sponge for accelerated hemostasis

A novel gelatin sponge for accelerated hemostasis

Reiner Hajosch, Markus Suckfuell, Steffen Oesser, Michael Ahlers, Klaus Flechsenhar, Burkhard Schlosshauer

Journal of Biomedical Mat. Research B: Applied Biomaterials, 94b(2):372-379, 2010

“To more effectively manage the substantial bleeding encountered during surgical procedures in oto-rhino-laryngology, we developed a novel hemostatic sponge made of pharmaceutical grade, chemically cross-linked gelatin. […] In vitro blood uptake assays revealed a very rapid absorption of human blood, which was two to three times faster than that measured with comparative hemostyptic devices. In an in vitro hemorrhage model using human veins, the novel gelatin sponge matrix induced hemostasis less than a minute after bleeding was induced. […] In ENT, the activated capillary function of the novel gelatin sponge matrix introduced here sets it apart from the traditional methods of nasal packing. In addition, most nasal packs need to be removed after surgery. Removing and manipulating the tamponades may induce renewed bleeding and can entail the formation of scar tissue, which in some cases eventually necessitates reoperation. In contrast, the bioresorbable, nontoxic gelatin matrix of X-sponge disintegrates completely within 14 days in the nasal cavity and is simply resorbed.”