Our Vision

We aim to be the global innovation leader in gelatin-based biocompatible medical devices.

We intend to grow the value of our business by developing safe and effective products to meet surgeons' needs and improve patient care. Our strong innovation culture and the platform of our gelatin experiences over many years guarantee the success of GELITA MEDICAL’s brands.

GELITA MEDICAL products have proven to be safe and reliable in millions of surgical applications in operating theaters around the world. This is the result of the company's comprehensive safety philosophy as implemented throughout the process chain from raw material selection to actual manufacture, storage and final transport to the customer.

All of its products are produced from completely pure and natural materials. They are manufactured in state-of-the art facilities and subjected to the most stringent of quality and safety controls at all stages of production as well as being fully certified according to all relevant international standards and regulations. The continuous improvement of all processes is integral to the GELITA MEDICAL philosophy.

Our values for the future:

We are open, honest and fair, and treat each other with respect.

We are courageous and prepared to take risks to find new paths, and we learn from our mistakes.

Our actions are clear and consistent. We do what we say, we can rely on each other and we pursue the long-term interests of our company.

We care about people, society and the environment.

We all want to achieve the best.

We feel for others and are prepared to offer help.

Our management principles are based on common values. Communication and trust are the pillars on which our business model is based on. This philosophy enables us to engage and retain the very best employees and distribution partners.

Our Vision and Values