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Welcome to the first edition of GELITA MEDICAL’s newsletter!

Our aim is to send out a newsletter on a regular basis to advise you of future events, to report on previous events and to share the latest news about our products and their clinical applications in different types of surgeries. Last year, during the Distributor Day in Eberbach we informed about our new product developments GELITA TUFT-IT® and GELITA® ENT under the slogan „Ready for future“. Today we are ready for the launch, the products are available and first feedback collected in the last weeks is more than positive: The present newsletter is just one way to share information. GELITA MEDICAL will be reaching out to you through the new website filled with helpful information about our innovative products. We hope that you enjoy this edition of our newsletter! Make sure that you don’t miss any of our company and product updates in the future – Sign up for our newsletter!