Absorbable Gelatin Hemostats, USP

GELITA MEDICAL has developed a superior range of biodegradable topical hemostats that help surgeons stop capillary, venous and arteriolar bleeding effectively when conventional methods are ineffective or impractical. All products in the GELITA-SPON® range can be left in place, ensuring patient comfort without any risk of encapsulation; no clinical signs of granuloma formation have been reported. They are all pH-neutral, consequently they work as an ideal carrier for drugs. Because of their neutral character they can be combined with drugs.

Please note that this product is discontinued.

Gelita Spon Standard

GELITA-SPON® products are sterilized by gamma irradiation, are insoluble in water and fully biodegradable. GELITA-SPON® products induce hemostasis through their intensely porous structure. This allows GELITA-SPON® sponge formats to absorb more than 40 times of their own weight in blood and fluids. As the sponge fills with blood, platelets come into close contact, aggregate and begin to collide with the walls of the pores causing the platelets to become damaged, leading to the release of thrombokinase and thus initiating the clotting cascade. This process leads to the formation of a clot on the wound surface, and platelet aggregation is enhanced through surface contact.