Absorbable Oxidized Cellulose Gauze Hemostat, Heavy Duty

Gelita-CEL X-Sorb

To stop heavier bleeding in surgical procedures can be a significant challenge. GELITA-CEL® X-SORB is GELITA MEDICAL’s absorbable oxidized cellulose hemostat to manage heavier bleeding fast and effectively, owing to its greater absorption capacity, higher density and larger contact area.


  • Variable sizes

  • Ideal for heavier bleeding – greater capacity, higher density and larger contact area
  • Keeps its flexibility without memory effect
  • Not lubricious after contact with fluid
  • Can be sutured


  • Made from 100 % oxidized cellulose
  • Natural & safe
  • Stops bleeding effectively
  • Easy handling – does not stick to gloves or instruments
  • High patient comfort – can remain in the body
  • Sterilized by means of gamma irradiation

Available shapes and sizes GELITA-CEL® X-SORB

Product Range GELITA-CEL® X-SORB