Absorbable Oxidized Cellulose Gauze Hemostat, Heavy Duty

Gelita-CEL X-Sorb

To stop heavier bleeding in surgical procedures can be a significant challenge. GELITA-CEL® X-SORB is GELITA MEDICAL’s absorbable oxidized cellulose hemostat to manage heavier bleeding fast and effectively, owing to its greater absorption capacity, higher density and larger contact area.

Please note that this product will be discontinued.


  • Variable sizes

  • Ideal for heavier bleeding – greater capacity, higher density and larger contact area
  • Keeps its flexibility without memory effect
  • Not lubricious after contact with fluid
  • Can be sutured


  • Made from 100 % oxidized cellulose
  • Natural & safe
  • Stops bleeding effectively
  • Easy handling – does not stick to gloves or instruments
  • High patient comfort – can remain in the body
  • Sterilized by means of gamma irradiation

Available shapes and sizes GELITA-CEL® X-SORB

Product Range GELITA-CEL® X-SORB