GELITA-SPON® RAPID³: Our new dry use absorbable gelatin sponge hemostat.

Easy peel and tuft

GELITA-CEL® FIBRILLAR: Our non woven absor- bable oxidized cellulose hemostat ideal for irregular structures.


Medical progress and new surgical techniques require innovative medical devices. GELITA MEDICAL’s absorbable topical hemostats control bleeding where conventional methods are either ineffective or impractical. In short, we provide optimal solutions for the experts.

GELITA MEDICAL has developed a superior range of biodegradable topical hemostats that help surgeons stop capillary, venous and arteriolar bleeding effectively when conventional methods are ineffective or impractical. 

These include highly specialized products for every conceivable situation that can occur in surgery: hemostats from different origins in various shapes, forms and dosages; powders, gauzes and sponges for diverse applications from intricate neurosurgery to complex cardiac operations; and specialty types with different densities specifically designed for ENT procedures. All our products are 100% biodegradable and can be left in place, ensuring optimal patient comfort and with little risk of encapsulation.